If you’re:

  • writing a book or a thesis,
  • publishing a blog or email newsletter,
  • writing articles or essays,

you’re going to need a proofreader. It’s practically impossible to catch spelling mistakes or grammatical errors by yourself. For example, I can spot anything in another person’s text, but I’m completely blind to my own typos! It’s just how human brains work.



Having immaculate spelling and grammar shows your diligence and makes you instantly appear as a professional. It won’t break the bank, and the benefits are huge!

I offer proofreading in both English (British or American spelling) and German.

The price is very simply, EUR 0.02 (2 Cents) per word.

No job is too small, and I’m happy to work on a once-off project or continuous jobs such as weekly newsletters.

Contact me to book proofreading services! I’ll get back to you within 24 hours.