I’m Sibylle and I’m bilingual (who would have thought?).

I’ve always loved languages and literature. I’ve been teaching German as a foreign language, proofreading, and translating since my student days over 20 years ago.

After I got my M.A. in German and English language and literature in 1997, I went on to teach German as a foreign language at university. I continued working in adult-level education in language schools and universities, and also got a job writing and translating copy for websites in both German and English.



What makes me tick

I’m a multi-passionate, meaning I don’t just have one thing that lights me up. I love music, languages, people, and these days I also work as a Coach (if you’re interested, here’s my Coaching website), a qualification I got later in life.

But I’ve never lost my first love of languages. I’m a teacher by passion and I work several side gigs subtitling films and videos (which means translating captions) and proofreading anything from blog posts to books and academic works.

With over 20 years experience, I think I can confidently say I won’t grow tired of working with languages any time soon! And if you need any of the services I offer, you’ll hardly find anyone more experienced or dedicated.

With my beloved bow.

Personal stuff

After spending most of my adult life in Ireland, I moved to Croatia at the end of 2019 and I absolutely love it here (it rains a lot less, for one thing!) The people are lovely, the culture is ancient and rich, and I live by the Mediterranean sea with the Alpine foothills in my back – it’s gorgeous!

When I don’t work, I can usually be found either practising the piano or trudging through the woods with my bow (I’m a traditional archer, but I only shoot foam 3D targets, not actual animals!). I love dancing and working out, feeding the wild birds around my house and hugging my lovely friends.

Life’s the best thing ever!